While in Australia in May of 2015, I shot a series entitled ‘EAT ME,’ featuring 11 women ages 17 to 62, sizes 0 to 16, from Australia, The U.S., and Uruguay. 

This series is a visual commentary discussing the objectification of women’s bodies for profit – particularly by the fast food industry – as well as unequal representation in the media, the invisibility of aging women, beauty standards, body image, and the increase of eating disorders in the current age. The purpose of this series is to challenge comfort levels, and confront both what it means to be sexual, and who is “allowed” to be.

The images were printed and displayed at The Workroom Gallery in Newcastle, Australia in June 2015, and I released the series in zine form in July 2016, as a limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, with an additional 5 artists proofs in 2017.

Due to the content and location of this series, 100% of the proceeds were donated to Headspace, an organization dedicated to serving Australian mental health needs nationwide.

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